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Angel of mercy visits Stacy

Another young man has just been buried –victim of the murder and robberies spree that is facing bodaboda riders in Laikipia.


Samuel Muriuki, 18 years old, was killed barely two months after this newspaper carried a front-page story reporting on the increased number of murder and robbery incidents against motorcycle operators in Nyahururu and Nanyuki.


The June-July issue of The Laikipia County Times highlighted the bloodshed that has characterized the bodaboda transport business in the last few months.


To send a warning to criminals, a furious mob caught one of Muriuki’s suspected murderers and set him ablaze after beating him senseless. He was rescued by the police who rushed him to Nanyuki District Hospital, where he was still recuperating at the time of going to Press.


The mob, which included bodaboda operators, was angry at the fact that many such suspects had been arrested, taken to police station, only to be released under “mysterious” circumstances.


Police and cyclists’ sources told The Laikipia County Times that after his arrest and hospitalization, the suspect named at least three gang members who were involved in the killing and robberies. He admitted that, so far, he and his colleagues had killed at least seven cyclists, stealing their motorcycles and property.


Mama Kevin, who was Samuel’s employer is as sure as the late Samuel’s colleagues and the police that he was murdered by a person known to him.


They said that Samuel picked up the passenger who asked to be taken to Muthaiga estate at around 8 am. After travelling for some time, the customer turned against him and stabbed him to death.


The suspect is then said to have abandoned Samuel’s body and stole the motorcycle riding it towards Karatina, an alleged market for stolen motorcycles from Nanyuki (and vice et versa). However, a few kilometers from Karatina, the motorbike developed mechanical problems.


The suspect took it to a garage to be fixed. The garage owner refused to release it before full payment was made. The suspect left the motorcycle to look for money but was back a few minutes later, trying to convince the garage owner to release the bike. The garage owner refused to budge.


The suspect left again only to come back shortly, the garage owner then noticed the nervous look; and the fresh blood stains on his T-shirt. It was at this point that he raised alarm.


The Laikipia East OCPD Mr. Joshua Lukutai confirmed he received a call from the Karatina police informing him that they had caught a robbery suspect from Nanyuki. The OCPD added that the suspect had already confessed that he had stolen a bike and killed its owner.


According to Mr. Lukutai the suspect named three people but the police cannot reveal these names as this would jeopardize police investigations.


However, the chairman of the Nanyuki Motocycle Umbrella Body (NAMUBO) Mr Geoffrey Ngure says being skeptic about the police bringing the named culprits to book. According to him, none of the suspects apprehended by the police in the past have ever been brought to book.


This claim was quickly dismissed by Mr Litukai, who emphasizes that the suspects were arrested but  were released by the courts through bail.


Mr. Ngure further blames the police for not updating them on their investigations about two bodaboda riders killed this year. Again, the OCPD stressed that matters to do with investigations cannot be disclosed to the public as this can jeopardize the cases.


The NAMUBO Chairman cautioned his colleagues again to obey the body's constitution which forbids business from being carried past 10pm as, he reminds them that not a month passes without a bodaboda operator being maimed or murdered.